Your French Journey Matters...

On a beautiful spring morning, two strangers landed in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

The strangers were similar. Both were fascinated by the French culture and lifestyle. Both dreamt of someday living in France. They were of similar age and were “good with people”.

Both had spent several months learning French in anticipation of their trip. And both - as new arrivals to Paris are - were filled with dreams of what life would be like in Paris.

But in the end, they had very different experiences.

One struggled to connect with the locals. She regularly froze in conversations. Many switched to English with her. Paris felt grey and alone. Reality was nothing like her dreams. She went home, defeated, with many photos but no true memories.

The other quickly built a circle of French friends. She laughed at corner cafes in the mornings, had invites to events and casual dinners nearly every evening. Her French was still far from perfect, but it didn’t matter. She had found the secret key to joining real French life and was revelling in the magic of Paris.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s experiences in French-speaking countries?

It isn’t intelligence or hard work or “being good at languages”. It isn’t that one person studied and the other didn’t.

The difference lies in how confident they are in conversations, and their understanding of French culture.

Unfortunately, most French programs force-feed you grammar, which is anything but confidence-inspiring. Most programs don’t push you to practice actually having conversations, over and over, in a setting where it’s safe to make mistakes. And almost none teach culture.

That’s why we built LingoCulture.

A French School Unlike Any Other

You see, LingoCulture is a unique French school. We’re the only platform in the world where you get unlimited one-on-one classes for flat rate, like a gym membership.

Instead of teaching you grammar in a vacuum, with dull rules and memorization, each lesson is built as a conversation. You’ll learn French, conversation by conversation, always learning new concepts in the context of a real scenario. What’s more, you’ll learn to have these conversations in the way French people do - absorbing the culture without even realizing it!

This linguist-designed method not only helps you remember concepts easily, but it gives you confidence when face-to-face with real French people.

Build Confidence, Conversation by Conversation

Right now, I am looking at the LingoCulture program. It has over 200 conversation lessons, covering everything you need to know to speak French confidently.

I see lessons on how to order in a restaurant, tricks to master French pronunciation, explanations of French humour, how to talk about your likes and dislikes, a “hack” for talking about the future with no conjugations, and even a lesson about French wine.

There are lessons covering important cultural faux-pas to avoid (but that nobody will tell you about - they assume you know them!), how French people make friends, how to easily “unlock” the French vocab you already know from English (without memorizing a list), and discuss your dreams.

Each lesson will be a one-on-one conversation with a native French teacher. Forget the stereotype of French snobbery: these are some of the friendliest, most patient people you’ll ever meet. Our teachers create a safe environment for you to make mistakes, ask questions, practice, and build confidence. Fast or slow, they move at your pace.

“I’m bad at languages. Or at least, that’s what I believed my entire life until LingoCulture… now I know, it wasn’t my fault. Learning French was easier and more fun than I could have imagined… and it’s all thanks to LingoCulture and my teachers Wassila and Cherine.” - Alexa 🇺🇸

An Unbeatable Offer

Put our statements to the test by signing up for a one-week trial, for just $1. You’ll have a full week to take as many classes as you want. After your first week, it’s just $197 a month.

Just click here and fill in your name, email, and secure payment information. And here’s our negative-risk guarantee: if at any point in the first 14 days you don’t absolutely love LingoCulture, we’ll not only give you a full refund, but we’ll send you $20 for wasting your time.

If you feel as we do that this is a fair and reasonable offer, then you will want to find out without delay if LingoCulture can help you finally speak confident French, like all the students before you. So please click here now to sign up, and you can be talking to a teacher in as little as an hour.

About those strangers I mention at the beginning of this page: they both studied French and arrived in Paris together. So what made their experiences in France so different?

Confidence. Confidence having real conversations. And an understanding of French culture.

Progress Starts With a Single Step

Think for a moment about why you are learning French. In one year, do you want to have the same level of French as you do today? In two years? There is never a perfect time to commit to your goals. You simply decide something is important and go after it.

I cannot promise you that you’ll start speaking French like a native in a week with LingoCulture. But I can guarantee that you will find our lessons always interesting, always confidence-inspiring, and always useful.

Join now.

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