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I always struggled with French pronunciation and found the accent quite intimidating. LingoCulture was just the right place to practice without the guilt of being too insistent. The professors are encouraging and genuinely willing to help with fun exercises and useful tips.

Romina Rad 🇮🇷

Medical Intern

Connor Grooms

The teachers are refreshingly friendly, the curriculum well put together and now I can understand most of what my French girlfriend says!

Connor Grooms

CEO, BaseLang.com

This morning, the barista at my favorite cafe exclaimed, “Robert, your French has gotten so much better!” I cannot tell you how excited I am to tell you this. Thank you LingoCulture. I have been trying to learn French for years, and even after retiring to the south of France, I’ve had a hard time. Finally, I’m making real progress.

Robert Manton 🇦🇺


Before LingoCulture, I already spoke decent French. However, my accent wasn’t that great, and I wanted to learn more about culture in order to integrate and make more French friends here in Paris. Now, I get compliments on my accent all the time, and have been able to make lots of local friends.

Sebastian Ferrage 🇬🇧

Field Ecologist