Nowadays, you’re most likely to go through the texting phase to build a relationship, whether for a friendship or a romance.

Texting in another language is helpful to improve your spoken french; You have more time to think your sentences out, more confidence using new words, and most importantly, you can check to google translate anytime! 

It’s always enjoyable to read a foreigner who writes like a native! Below are listed the abbreviations that French people use the most when texting. If you already text in French with native I’m sure that you’ll recognize some of those, if not use them in your text messages. 

In this article, we’ll go through the most used one and 

(PS: Trust me, the other abbreviations you’ll find on the net can be a little bit crunchy)

1) Sending messages in French; all the abbreviations :

CcCoucouHey (very informal)
CvÇa va ? How are you?
StpS’il te plaitPlease (informal)
SvpS’il vous plaitPlease (formal)
TfqTu fais quoi ? What are you doing?
TqtT’inquièteDon’t worry/It’s ok
JppJ’en peux plusI can’t anymore/ I’m tired
J’sais pasJe ne sais pasI don’t know
Pq / Pk? Pourquoi ? Why? 
Cmb ? CombienHow much?


2)Answering the phone in French:

To answer the phone, just remember: Allo? (hello) 


3) Sending and answering emails :

Monsieur/ Madame Dear Sir/Madam,Formal
Chers amisDear friends


Slightly informal
Cher Monsieur/ Chère Madame Dear Sir/ MadameSlightly informal
Amitiés Best,Slightly Formal (At the end)
Cordialement (à vous) Sincerely,Formal (At the end)
ChaleureusementWarmly,Dear Sir/ Madame (At the end)

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