Unlimited Private French Classes

One-on-one classes with our native teachers, via Zoom. It's the closest thing to immersion you can get without moving to a French-speaking country.


Truly unlimited 1-on-1 classes
Take as many private French classes as you want with our native teachers, via Zoom.


Get an inside view of French culture
We don’t just teach you French, we’ll show you how to integrate and connect with locals.


Linguist-designed program
Learn by having role-play conversations instead of confusing grammar drills.


Flexible to fit your busy schedule
Book classes last minute. Take a 45 minute class, or a few hours - it’s up to you.

Your first week is just $1. That's unlimited classes for 7 days, risk-free. Then, just $197/mo.

Your first week is just $1.

It’s not a secret that the French aren’t forgiving of mistakes. With LingoCulture, my confidence went from zero to “Hold my croissant svp.”

Manu Ramo 🇪🇸


Game changer! I have taken 8 classes in one day. LingoCulture is an investment into myself – I have no regrets.

Kimberly Norton 🇺🇸


The way culture is melted into the teaching process is great! It’s all about real-life situations and interesting topics.

Karen Mitum  🇵🇭

Travel Planner

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Classes you'll look forward to

When face-to-face with a French speaker, do you freeze?

It’s because you haven’t spent enough time having real conversations. The only way to become confident speaking French is to actually speak French… A lot. That’s why LingoCulture is unlimited.

Our teachers aren’t just great at teaching - they are exceptionally friendly. Here, you have a safe space to make mistakes, have slow conversations, and build confidence for the real world.

From complete beginner to advanced speaker, we adapt specifically to your exact needs.

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Learn with conversation scenarios, not grammar drills

Most schools teach you grammar in a vacuum, asking you to memorize and understand things in a vacuum. But our brains don’t work like that.

With LingoCulture, you learn all concepts in the context of real conversation scenarios. This makes things easier to understand, and much easier to remember.

This gives you confidence when speaking French in the real world, since you’ve practiced each scenario.

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More affordable than paying by the hour

At LingoCulture, you get unlimited one-on-one classes with professional, native speaker teachers.

Since it’s truly unlimited, you can schedule lots of classes without having to think, “Do I really need to spend another $25 on a lesson?”, meaning you’ll actually get the amount of practice you need to become fluent.

It’s only through using everything you learn in real conversations that it will truly stick. Using your French is how you get from racking your brain for the right word or conjugation, to just conversing effortlessly.

Build confidence over 200 conversation lessons; from greetings to cracking jokes 😜


Start Classes Today.

Your first week is just $1. 

That's unlimited classes for 7 days, risk-free. Then, just $197/mo.

French flashcards
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Want to study and review your lesson before class?

No more hunting down flashcards, lessons, or other materials. We have everything you need in one place:

  • Thousands of flashcards, each with a native-speaker sound recording, so you can check your pronunciation
  • Our entire curriculum, including over 200 lessons from beginner to advanced
  • Videos, exercises and other resources

…and you can access it anytime.

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Your accent matters - we’ll help you sound French

French people can be snobbish. French is the most beautiful language in the world, and we don’t want to hear you butcher it.

But there’s a silver lining. If your accent is good, French people will have much more patience with any other mistakes you may make. And in the process of building your accent, you’ll tune your ear to the sounds of French - making it much easier to understand what other people say, too.

With that in mind, LingoCulture puts a big focus on pronunciation. We go beyond just “repeat after me” and corrections.

video call
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Flexible to fit your busy schedule

Classes last 45 minutes and happen over Google Meets. Book classes on the fly (up to an hour beforehand), or book a week in advance to plan ahead. For each class, you get to pick your teacher.

Classes are available from 4am to 8pm EST (10am to 2am French time).

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There’s something special about France…

Perhaps it’s the history, the rich culture, its sophistication, or just how beautiful it sounds.

But speaking French isn’t enough - you have to also learn our culture. This will make making friends and truly integrating much easier. As our name suggests, we cover all the fundamentals as part of our curriculum. We bake culture right into our lessons, from faux-pas to avoid, to art, literature, food, and history.

The good news is: French culture is fascinating!


Start Classes Today.

Your first week is just $1. 

That's unlimited classes for 7 days, risk-free. Then, just $197/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it truly unlimited?

You can actually take as many classes as you want. There are no limits, ever. Some people take 5+ hours a day!

What are your hours?

Classes are available every day from 8am to 3am (French Time), which is 2am to 9pm EST. We maintain high availability.

Is it suitable for my level?

We have material for all levels. 

If you are a complete beginner, we will start teaching you French from the very first "bonjour". No prior experience is needed. For students who like to prepare before classes, you can use our material beforehand. Or if you prefer to just jump in, you can do that too.

Intermediate and advanced students will be happy to find over 200 lessons, and teachers capable of pushing you. Culture lessons are especially great at these levels, as you can practice your French while getting a deeper understanding of our culture - which, you'll find, is vital to building a circle of local French friends and connecting with people.

Can I book last minute?

You can book classes at the very last minute (literally). Or, book seven days in advance to plan ahead.

Do the teachers speak English?

All our teachers have perfect mastery of French and English.

Some of them even have some bases in Spanish, German, and Arabic so that you can find your best matches!

How can LingoCulture be so affordable?

LingoCulture works with native French speakers with mainland-France accents all over the world, including North Africa, where local wages are lower.

The French our teachers speak is the exact same as in France, and you won’t hear the difference between the accents as they are almost identical.

How can I see the profiles of the teachers before I subscribe ?

Follow us on Instagram for all kinds of content, from places to visit and cultural fun facts to useful expressions and more.

We also post daily Instagram stories featuring snaps of every new teacher joining our team, introducing them to our student community.

Subscribe to our $1 week trial and gain access to the bio, photo, and introduction video of each teacher. This way, you can choose which tutor you want to connect with first.

Is there a guarantee?

If at any point in the first 14 days you don’t absolutely love LingoCulture, we’ll not only give you a full refund, but we’ll send you $20 for wasting your time.

What about pricing and cancelation?

Your first week is $1. After that, you’ll be charged $197 each month unless you cancel. You can pay with Credit card or Paypal.


Do you teach offer other languages?

Yes! LingoCulture is a sister company of BaseLang, one of the largest Spanish schools online. 

French flashcards

Get the same flashcards our students use - FREE

Get thousands of custom flashcards to improve your vocabulary, organized topic-by-topic. There’s a sound recording of a native speaker for each word, so you can check your pronunciation.

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